Sonar got his handle from his 5 years as a Sonar Technician in the US Navy. He served on the USS Anzio CG-68 and has been to 14 countries. While aboard he earned his “Shellback” qualification when he crossed the Equator just east of Africa on his way to Somalia. Sonar is a collector of Media. Although he is a major Cinephile he also listens to over 20 hours of audio a week on top of his normal duties as a production engineer. During the normal business day he and Kevin will go back and forth with quotes from many genres of pop culture to pass the time.

He takes pride in being the Jack of All Trades, combining different sciences to achieve the best operating and maintenance systems he can. Sonar knows so much about how sound travels in water and air that he has 2 credits in Oceanography. He spends at least 10% of his work week learning and teaching new technologies and practices to keep the team above the curve and current in the latest industry practices. Always ready to help, Sonar will walk anyone through their 1st, 2nd and 43rd setup of their studio and operation of it